you were there for me (anniversary song)

Written Oct 2021

Tab D (G, capo 7)

you were there for me
when I struggled to believe,
when I couldn’t sleep
you were there for me

the way you care for me
when I’m broken, when I’m weak,
I’m amazed to see
how you care for me

I have said “I love you” half a million times,
they’re still the truest words that I will ever find,
every day is better with you by my side,
you keep my faith alive

walking on the beach,
like that couple in our dreams,
is that you and me
walking on the beach?

let me say “I love you”, ‘cause it’s always new,
let me praise this life I have because of you,
I’m not afraid to face tomorrow by your side,
you bring my heart to life,
you keep my dreams alive..

now you’re here with me,
and I wonder where I’d be,
(I’m) smiling gratefully,
‘cause you’re here with me…


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