He Doesn’t See Her

Written 1992


he doesn’t see her, she’s just a mirror
for all the things that he has lost or left behind,
and he’s starting to love her, he’s starting to fear her,
but most of what he loves and fears is somewhere in his mind…
+++ and he thinks that he wants her
+++ but she’s not what he’s after,
+++ he’d swear that he needs her
+++ but he’s lookin’ right past her,
+++ and he doesn’t see her, no,
+++ he’s movin’ much faster than that…

he doesn’t hear her, she’s just a whisper,
drowned out by shiny dreams of feeling more alive,
and he wants to be near her, but he’s already missed her,
he catches glimpses now and then
but most of her slips right on by…

+++ CHORUS x2

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