Jesus in Disguise

Written December, 2015

Tab E (C, capo 4)

there’s a book some of us pray from,
with a message that we stray from,
standing right before our eyes:
++Jesus in disguise.
lofty songs, sung on the weekend,
don’t last long once trouble sets in,
but that comes as no surprise
++to Jesus in disguise.
++++Master, when did we see you,
++++and not clothe you, and not feed you?
++++if we had known, we would have tried,
++++if only you had given us a sign,
++++standing there, in plain sight..

if there’s a hell, it’s just a courtyard,
behind the wall around a safe heart,
we built so tall, it blocks the light,
++++tell us, when did we see you,
++++and not help, or even greet you?
++++how were we supposed to trust?
++++you did not look or sound like us,
++++lock the door, who’s left outside?..
in that book some try to follow
you’ll find a truth that’s hard to swallow,
he was right before our eyes,
++to Jesus in disguise,
standing there, in plain sight…

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