Plastic Flowers

Written January 2004

Tab G, open

in the graveyard of all the songs that no one remembers
there’s a headstone for this one, where I laid plastic flowers
in the corner, against a bush that soon overgrew it,
so that nobody knew it, that I wrote this for you..

in the graveyard of all the songs that now lie forgotten
I’ve reserved my own section, but there’re no plots left open
so I’ll scatter the ashes of a stillborn confession,
and a few hopeful verses that I once wrote for you..

there’s a heaven for all the songs that someone’s still humming,
as they’re washing the dishes, as they’re lost in reflection,
if I know you, you’re somewhere, singing, this much is certain:
+++ that it’s off in the distance,
+++ that it’s some other chorus,
+++ that there’s no one to witness,
+++ like a sound in the forest,
+++ or the way plastic flowers,
+++ still hold their color…

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