Rock Collection

Written April 1998


when I was 6 and just a boy I didn’t need a lot of toys
happy with my rock collection,
looking out in all directions
I could get.. stones…

and I remember sitting in the driveway
every rock I hold before my eyes had qualities to recommend it
smooth or jagged, pure or blended,
I brought them all home…
+++ I’m still out in the driveway filling plastic bags with gravel
+++ and I’ll hold onto my rock collection while this world unravels
+++ and I’ll fill up jars and drawers and more before I’m through,
+++ you know that you’re in my rock collection, too,
+++ you’re in my rock collection,
+++ you’re in my rock collection, too…

now instead of stones I’m saving songs
mercifully short, some way too long
and though I’ve tried to wax poetic,
still some are soaring and electric
and they’re all mine… CHORUS

I could feel a whole lot less alone
if I could just see people like those stones—
full of life or sadly jaded,
no one’s light completely faded
I see where they’ve been broken and
sometimes I see how they will mend… CHORUS

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