Day Trader

Written December 2014


day trader, trade your life away,
I know the game is fun,
you watch the numbers run,
still money’s all you ever make,
a high score on a screen—
your fondest memory,
+++ and I’ve wasted my share of time in ways as trivial,
+++ so I will not claim to be wise,
+++ I’ve stayed inside on sunny days…

day trader, when the sun comes up,
this world is beckoning, so full of everything,
all the people you could come to love,
who might remember you, after the deals are through
+++ what if this sweet patch of time is our true currency,
+++ would that change the way we define riches and poverty?
+++ it might..
+++++ when every bet you place could blow up in your face,
+++++ could be your biggest win,
+++++ could leave you smaller than you’ve ever been..

day trader, such a little space,
between the start and end, I will begin again…

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