Lite Brite

Written August 2008


Lite Brite®, you can do each pattern one time, black sheets of paper,
we followed instructions, filled in the colors, or made our own designs,

Lite Brite® lasted longer than paddle ball, which broke within a day or so
fun till we snapped the elastic; you can’t really fix it, but Dad tried,
+++ toys that we played with but seldom remember
+++ the small plastic pieces that turn up years later,
+++ we spelled “Happy Birthday” and turned all the lights out,
+++ one of my gifts was a barrel of monkeys,

I’d like to do it all over, and we might, no one is certain,
that’s alright, let’s make a picture, we’ll give it a minute to shine..
+++ small plastic pieces collecting in sofas,
+++ like pegs and blue monkeys and balls with no paddles,
+++ I blew out the candles and wished I was older,
+++ remember when middle-school kids were enormous?

Lite Brite®, fun for the family, black sheet refills sold separately,
now, child, make your own pattern, and give it a minute to shine…

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