Box of Tears

Written July 2010

Tab C, capo 3


I’ve got a box of tears, it’s such a sad collection
saved over many years, I take them out and count them,
+++ cataloged, row-by-row,
+++ I still know every story behind
+++ all these salty drops in my box of tears..

here in my box of tears I’ve got them color-coded,
red is for love that’s lost, and green is unrequited,
so if you ask, “why so blue?”
here’s a dropper of tears I cried for you
one lonely night, with my box of tears,
+++++ I guess it’s clear by now,
+++++ that I know how to draw the sadness out,
+++++ and if there’s any doubt,
+++++just look at what I’ve kept around..

I wish I could cry like you, ‘cause girl, you make the rain blush,
my tears are rare and few, that’s why they’re worth so damn much,
+++ I sent them off to the lab,
+++ the results confirm: they’re all super-saturated,
+++ every drop from my box of tears..
+++ so here’s a tear of regret
+++ for all the years I’ve spent collecting
+++ every salty drop in my box of tears,
+++ each salty drop in my box of,
+++ all these salty drops in my box of tears…

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