Written August 2011

Tab C capo 5=F major

Sara, you’re a book I’d like to read,
lately when I dream I keep turning pages,
I won’t claim to be the one you need,
smiling when we meet, we are mostly strangers..
+++ you’re so at ease,
+++ is there a secret you could show to me?
+++ fortune cookie wisdom to pull out and read that makes it easy, easy?.

maybe you could teach me about birds,
things you learned at work, charting their migrations,
while all I do is string together words,
a chorus and a verse, my penny observations,
+++ they’re almost free,
+++ is there a secret you would trade with me?
+++ all the cookie fortunes tell us “learn Chinese”: easy, easy..

+++ though I can’t fly, I have dreams where I’m a human kite,
+++ feather-light, it seems that I can ride the skies so easy, easy..

I found a book of birds I’ve never seen,
you knew all their names, I woke up turning pages…

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