Song Contest

Written August 2019

Tab E (C, capo 4)

a SONG CONTEST is an oxymoron,
find some chords you can hang your heart on,
+++you’ll never lose anytime you sing the truth
I sent my song and my $30
to be turned down by a team of scholars,All Pages
+++or their intern, Bob, whoever they gave that job to?..
++++++now I’ve never been a fan of keeping score,
++++++if you tell me that it’s free, I’ll have some more,
++++++when somebody wants to hear the song I sing,
++++++that’s all the PRIZE that I hope for,
++++++but there are moments when we all want to be loved,
++++++want someone to tell us that we’re good enough,
++++++in those moments I have sent my best songs off,
++++++like throwing darts into the dark…
++++play it like a scratch card,
++++maybe you could win a new guitar?…

now I’m a sport and I like a CHALLENGE,
but I’m not sure how to strike a balance
+++between making art, and all that other “tryin’ to make it” part,
++++++I’ve never been accused of selling out,
++++++if all the MONKEYs say it’s cool, I have my doubts,
++++++I want a song to wake me up, and call my bluff,
++++++and break my heart, and make me shout,
++++++but there are moments when we all say, “what the hay?”
++++++the REQUIREMENTS of life seem much too great,
++++++that’s when we need a song to tell us it’s okay,
++++++no matter what the judges say…
++++on the road for 3 days,
++++to play 2 songs on the main stage?..
++and I’ve got friends who swear they’ll never enter one again,
++and other friends who’ve done them all, and often win…
a song contest is a strange procession,
step right up, make your plain confession,
+++you can’t lose anytime you sing the truth…

2019 Just This Guy contest entry:
“The song must include:

1. The motivation for participating or not participating in a song contest.
2. A difficulty of song contests.
3. A positive aspect of the song contest competition.

As always, Bonus Points for using the word MONKEY.

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