Joseph and María

Written July 2018

Tab C (G capo 5, or uke!)

When Joseph and María tried to slip across the border,
Immigration stopped them at the line,
‘cause Egypt’s president said “we don’t want no immigrants,
Trust me, they don’t send their best from Palestine…”

Joseph and María knew they had to flee their country,
King Herod meant to do their baby harm,
But soldiers cut them off, and refused to let them cross,
Then they ripped young Jesus from María’s arms,
+++Holy, holy, holy are the ones who run for safety,
+++And holy, holy, holy are the poor,
+++So if you see fit to tear the Holy Child from His Mother,
+++Tell me, what exactly is a Christian for?

Joseph and María didn’t ask to be in danger,
And they did not ask to raise God’s blessed Son,
They fled as refugees from a tyrant’s death decrees,
Hey, does that remind you, friends, of anyone?
+++Holy, holy, holy are the ones who cry for mercy,
+++and holy is their knocking at your door,
+++But if you’re okay with separating children from their parents,
+++Tell me what exactly is the scripture for?
+++Yeah, if you can justify taking Jesus from María,
+++Tell me, what exactly is God’s mercy for?..

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