Morning Sickness

Written April 2008

Tab C, capo 3-6?

I think I’ll go and make myself a sandwich,
maybe then I’ll walk down to the park,
& later I might call you to remind you
of just how great you are.. (just how great you are..)

I tried to write, but this blue pen is worthless,
besides, no one writes letters anymore,
so that would probably come across as creepy,
as I’m sure I have before..
+++ Einstein said he never really got it,
+++ and this was from our greatest modern mind,
+++ I read he had a weakness for the ladies,
+++ yeah, that comes as no surprise..

now I was told men can’t get morning sickness,
but I’m afraid I have to disagree,
‘cause I woke up this morning empty-handed,
as sick as I could be..
+++ maybe I’ll get up and make some breakfast,
+++ later I might walk down to the park,
+++ and someday soon I’ll call you and remind you
+++ of just how great you are… (just how great you are..)

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