Steve (that’s what really matters)

Written October 2013


co-written with Heather Styka

Hears the words his ex had spoken
Telling him, “Go find yourself”
He reaches for his self-help shelf
A Daily Meditation Book, July 13, he takes a look
“Awareness of the self will set you free”
++“I was blind but now I see,
++Self-awareness is what I need,
++Self-awareness, that’s what really matters.”

In verse 2, Steve drives to work
Some guy behind him is a jerk
who blasts his horn and shakes his fist
Steve is starting to get… irritated
He turns on Public Radio
and hears the Girls of Indigo
sing “How long till my soul gets it right?”
++“Wise lesbians have helped me see,
++that guy’s on a journey, just like me,
++It’s the journey, that’s what really matters.”

At Trader Joe’s, Steve’s stocking shelves
“It’s just for now,” he tells himself
Next he’s handing samples out
Apple chutney on a brussel sprout
A shopping goddess walks his way,
she takes a sample from Steve’s tray,
and says “Thanks!  This simple snack just made my day.”
++Thank you, sage in yoga pants, for helping me to understand
++about gratitude, ’cause that’s what really matters”

After work, Steve hits the gym
He likes to do what’s good for him
He signs up for a Boot Camp class
The tough instructor kicks his.. boot camp
She says, “some day your body won’t be able
to work this hard, you’ll be too feeble,
but today is not that day, so let’s commit!”
++“You know, she’s got a point,” pants Steve
++“More commitment is what I need,
++It’s commitment, that’s what really matters.”
++++ How will this twisted story end?
++++ Will Steve find enlightenment?..

Steve checks his phone, sees his ex rang
Asking if he’d like to hang?
He takes a breath, his stomach drops,
he meets her at the ice cream shop
He orders chocolate, she has peach,
Toward his hand she starts to reach…
As he takes a bite of Double Chocolate Dream
++“I was blind, but now I see
++“It’s (all?) right here in front of me
++Chocolate ice cream, that’s what really matters.”
++…and commitment (to chocolate ice cream)
++…also gratitude (for chocolate ice cream)
++…it’s the journey (to chocolate ice cream)
++…self-awareness (mindful ice-cream eating!)…

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