Written August, 2017

Tab G, capo 3

2017 “Just This Guy” song contest entry (1st place!)

all my friends are having BABIES,
seems like an optimistic thing to do,
in a world that’s going bat-crap crazy,
everybody loves babies, ’cause they’re so darn cute,
++babies are sweet, babies are wise,
++babies like to SLEEP and poop and CRY,
++so if you raise your babies to love all babies,
++then maybe we just might survive.

now my friends are changing DIAPERs,
they’re pulling all-nighters,
they just want the kids to thrive,
they’ve got to FEED those babies at all hours,
it takes all their powers just to keep those little MONKEYs alive,
++but babies are bright, and what’s really great,
++is that babies aren’t born to discriminate!
++so if you raise your babies to love all babies,
++then babies won’t learn to hate.
++++people in love can make babies
++++with stuff they have around the house, (craft project),
++++everyone once was a BABY,
++++that’s something to remember, when you’re in a temper…

so, dear friends, enjoy your babies,
may they be silly-happy-punchy-scrappy balls of “wow!”
you could learn a whole lot from a baby,
’cause babies don’t worry, yeah they don’t know how,
++but babies are fly, babies got moves,
++babies like to laugh and dance and puke all over you,
++so if you raise your babies to love all babies,
++then maybe we can make it through,
++if you raise your babies to love all babies,
++maybe we can make it through…

The song must include:
1. A mention of from where babies come, either fact or fiction.
2. A positive aspect of babies.
3. A negative aspect of babies.
4. The words BABY, DIAPER, FEED, SLEEP and CRY.

As always, Bonus Points for using the word MONKEY

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