Pandemic Upsides

Written August 2020

Tab Db (C, capo 1)

I’ve got more time to work on French, pandemic upside,
my hands are clean, ’cause I just washed them again, pandemic upside,
+++and it’s UNPRECEDENTED, such crazy times,
+++but I HOPE we’re gonna be alright…

my yoga class is now on Zoom, pandemic upside,
don’t even have to leave my room, I’ve got namaste online,
+++yeah, it’s UNPRECEDENTED, folks are losing their minds,
+++still I HOPE it’s gonna be alright…
++++++would it be too much to ask?
++++++could you please just wear a MASK?
++++++we could sit out in the yard, 6 feet APART, and chat..

I’m lucky, I can work from HOME, pandemic upside,  (job site?)
take off my shoes and no one knows, my feet feel just fine,
+++it’s so UNPRECEDENTED, I lose track of time,
+++but I HOPE it’s gonna be alright…
++++++would it be too much to ask?
++++++could you please put on your MASK?
++++++try to sneeze into your sleeve,
++++++then we’ll all wash our hands again..

In trying times, I’m glad for friends, pandemic allies ,
vous me faites vraiment du bien, that’s French for “thanks, guys”,
+++it’s UNPRECEDENTED, but it’s good to be alive,
+++and I HOPE we’re gonna be,
+++yes, I think it’s gonna be,
+++together we can be alright…

pandemic upsides…

2020 Just This Guy contest entry!  The requirements:
The song must include:

1. A lifestyle pivot during the Covid-19 threat.  (handwashing!)
2. A difficulty of the Covid-19 threat.  (“folks are losing their minds”)
3. A positive aspect of the Covid-19 threat.  (“pandemic upsides”)
4. The song cannot be negative. (No doom, gloom, no sadness and no madness. There is enough of that in the world right now.)

As always, Bonus Points for using the word MONKEY.  (no bonus points this year!)

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