Nothing Rings As Brightly

Written January 2009

Tab open (or capo 2), G major


nothing kills the poetry like talking about e-mail in a song,
so let’s say it was a letter that I wrote you, wondering how you’re getting on?
if I knew that you were coming, then I’d surely bring my glockenspiel along,
+++ nothing rings as brightly, nothing rings as brightly..

I found an online photo where I saw your face, from 1993,
I was on that bus too, we had all made matching t-shirts, I believe,
I’m not sure if I loved you, but I surely loved to sit and watch you breathe,
+++ nothing shone as brightly, nothing shone as brightly..

this world’s got your number, but some days you wonder why she never calls?..
we settle by the small screens, and we reconnect without moving at all,
everything runs faster, but I’d rather hear your laughter’s rise and fall,
+++ nothing rings as brightly, nothing rings as brightly,
+++ nothing rings as brightly…

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