Harper Lee

Written January 2008


Harper Lee, you once said
those who have to write are different from the rest,
and so I guess you had to write once,
what set you free?…

Harper Lee, your first book
was a clarion that rang out, a tremor that shook,
but the next one never took
+++ did you find love, was she lovely,
+++ was she more than enough?
+++ I’d like to think that’s the reason,
+++ yes, I hope that’s what it was,
+++ there are books that we carry in our chests
+++ that no one ever gets to read,
+++++ hey, you wrote one more than me,

Harper Lee, first name Nelle,
you could never be a standard southern belle,
but you knew your hometown well,
+++ there are books in our bodies that no one will ever read,
+++ do they languish like unopened packages of seeds?
+++ or does one look from a stranger tell us everything we need to know?
+++ I’d like to think that’s so,

Harper Lee, raise your head
you said everything that needed to be said,
then you lived your life instead,
Harper Lee.. Harper Lee.. Harper Lee…

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