Here of All Places

Written November 1995


fall in love on subways, it’s about the best place
you can swim a sea of faces, slip into the whirlpool
sitting there beside you, perfect as an angel
and there’s no such thing as strangers
here of all places..

fell in love this morning as the daylight stumbled back around
woke up to the sermon of a dozen different city sounds
of cars and birds and children, perfectly distracted
and I watched the day arriving
here of all places

here of all places I swear there are no mistakes
and no hopeless cases, look again, look in my face
here of all places
deep in the cracks there’s a glimmer of grace
that’s the way the world breaks

walk a city sidewalk, cross a city crosswalk
swim against the current of the people as they hurry off
to work or school or family, perfectly distracted, still
there’s no such thing as strangers
here of all places

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