Thick As Thieves

Written 1993



Two tan girls in scanty tops sellin’ bottle rockets for the 4th
five bucks a gross, they’re thick as thieves, smokin’ like fiends
and a motorcycle man is there, he’s got no helmet, he doesn’t care,
but he’d drive that lady of his dreams most anywhere…
+++ thick as thieves, slip aside,
+++ gracefully underline the heart of things,
+++ the reason why we’re here…
+++ dance a step, pirouette,
+++ trace the sweet silhouette, in the centerpiece,
+++ find all the love we fear..

Heard a man say, “I have lost my way and paid too great a cost,
I drove away the ones I love to be alone,”
Heard a man cry, “take me home! somewhere where they all know me,”
but he’d burned those bridges such a long, long time ago… CHORUS

Here to there is far for me, I climb your memory like a tree,
so I can see to you from me when you’re not there,
love and fear are close for us, we ride that balance like a bus
as far along the way to trusting as we dare… CHORUS

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