The Smoking Song

Written November 1997


smoking makes you selfish, ‘cause you want your little fix,
but smoking makes you share with everyone who needs a hit,
and though I’m not a smoker, I’m the first one to admit

that there’s something very human about it..

‘cause it thrills you for a little, but it kills you in the end,
it fills you, then it leaves you like another faithless friend
if you’ve got’em, then you smoke’em, and you turn around and spend

a couple dollars on another pack of smokes
some white collar bastard’s private little joke..

now when I was in college, smoking wasn’t very cool,
we thought we were immortal, we were health nuts as a rule,
and now that I am older, I’ve been both the biggest fools,

’cause I thought I’d live forever and a day,
and then I thought I’d throw it all away… VERSE 1

I spent a year in East Berlin, made lots of smoking friends,
and I’m convinced the air I breathed was worse than cigarettes
in ‘89 a wall came down, now I’m willing to bet

that they’re smoking all together, East and West,
one big reunited Tabaktoberfest…

denn das Rauchen macht dich süchtig, und du brauchst deinen kleinen Fix,
aber Rauchen macht dich großzügig zu deinen Mitverflixten,
und obwohl ich gar kein Raucher bin, muß ich sagen, allerdings,

daß es daran etwas ganz Menschliches gibt,
daran ist etwas ganz Menschliches bestimmt,

yeah, there’s something very human about it…

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