Written October 2004


read the paper any morning, something’s bound to fail,
sad to see the store was closing, everything’s for sale,
+++ Jesus raised the dead, but that does not affect the retail player
+++ named after his friend, and I’ll confess that I have never shopped there,
Lazarus, come forth, there’s no cause for remorse..

and a daughter lost her father, that was on page 12,
(he) played in bands I used to follow, younger than myself,
+++ I cannot pretend to understand the way the time gets passed out,
+++ will the unborn son check out his father’s website, just to find out
+++ what his dad was like? that hardly seems right..
+++++ and it’s snowing down on MLK,
+++++ yeah, but we’re all off work anyway,
+++++ and I wonder if the schoolkids say, hey,
+++++ save the weather for a schoolday,
+++++ save the weather for a schoolday..

Jesus raised the dead after he wept to hear his friend had parted,
+++ Lord & Taylor’s leaving, too, but that’s not why we’re broken-hearted,
Lazarus, come forth, there’s no cause for remorse,
Lazarus, come forth…

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