Johnny Rebound

Written 1996


Johnny Rebound lives outside of town
he sells insurance, ah, but when the lights go down,
+++ he pulls out an old 12-string guitar,
+++ throws it in the back seat of his car,
‘cause Johnny Rebound’s gonna be star, someday…

Johnny Rebound drives his Chevrolet
out of the suburbs down to the open stage
+++ he gives the ladies demo tapes
+++ tells ’em all his sour grapes,
but he swears, one day, he’s gonna be the rage…
+++++ so bounce, bounce, bounce, Johnny Rebound,
+++++ down to one more open mic
+++++ and play, play, play, Johnny Rebound,
+++++ cover any song you like
+++++ sing, sing, sing, Johnny Rebound,
+++++ just a little bit off-key, and
+++++ dream, dream, dream, Johnny Rebound
+++++ you’re an awful lot like me, you’re an awful lot like me…

Johnny Rebound dyes his greying hair,
he combs it thick across the spot that’s going bare,
+++ he’s got a card for insurance and a card for gigs,
+++ and he walks with the swagger of a true big-wig
he hasn’t noticed that nobody cares.. CHORUS

and “Johnny” isn’t even his real name,
his daddy called him William Otis James,
+++ he’s got a dream that can’t come true, hell,
+++ everybody’s got a few,
and I say that’s no ‘cause to be ashamed,
yeah, I say that’s no ‘cause to be ashamed.. CHORUS

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