James Bond

Written August 1998


James Bond was fond of cocktail drinks
and blondes and dangerous hijinks,
he drank all his martinis dry
and made his money as a spy
+++ but did he long for just one day
+++ when nothing blew up in his face?
+++ or think it might be nice to drive
+++ a normal car at 55, James Bond..

the bad guys tried to kill him slow,
which only shows how much they know,
but James would always get away,
and later on he’d save the day
+++ but did he wonder, late at night,
+++ if there was more than this to life?
+++ more than guns and getting laid
+++ and all the enemies he made, James Bond..

I’m not a secret agent man,
I drive a ‘95 sedan,
to serve the queen is not my fate,
so I can only speculate
+++ if promises he couldn’t keep
+++ caused James to lose a minute’s sleep,
+++ and did he longed for just one day
+++ when nothing blew up in his face, James Bond…

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