I’m So Glad You’re Over Me

Written June 2006

Tab F/dm (C/am, capo 5)

I’m so glad you’re over me,
now you’re free to do just as you please,
I wouldn’t want to weigh you down,
or be a burden you carry around,
+++ promises are hard to keep, I’m so glad you’re over me..

it’s better that you’re over me,
we were mostly broken from the start,
I wasn’t who you thought I’d be,
despite the best of efforts on my part,
so it comes as some relief, I’m so glad you’re over me,
+++ on the way to a place where there’s nothing left to lose,
+++ & maybe this was just a phase you were only passing through,
+++ & you can take back your name, and the pictures, and the toaster,
+++ anything you choose..

if I loved the best in you,
that’s just because it wasn’t hard to do,
now you need the things I lack, well,
were your fingers crossed behind your back?
+++ now I lay me down to sleep,
+++ will you stick around to haunt my dreams?
+++ promises break easily..   I’m so glad you’re over,

I’m so glad you’re over me, I’m so glad you’re over me,
I’m so glad you’re over me…

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